Khloe My Senior Album
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My Senior Year

It all started with the most fun I have ever had over the summer break.  I am really looking forward to going to Southeast Missouri State University and becoming a Registered Nurse. Ea, non proident dolor magna est laborum incididunt, qui dolore velit dolore sed incididunt in. Non ullamco sint dolor, voluptate dolore nisi officia ex. Magna consectetur eu enim in. Laboris est eiusmod occaecat in anim lorem est eu lorem ullamco. 

My biggest

accomplishment was

This was easy for me to realize.. it was being on the Honor Roll every year. Makes your parents too!!

Mom and Dad’s Quote I’ll

never forget..

Dad always believes... “If you set your mind to it, you can acheive anything.” Mom was just straight forward and to the point: “Nothing, Can stop you!“ You know what...They are right! My Favorite Class and the most challenging:   
Meadow Heights Senior Year 2016
 Senior Year 2016
There’s No Trains, Right?
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